Friday, 4 September 2009


A hard to navigate site from international favourites Mango. Plus their outlet site for sale bargains.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Dorothy Perkins

Some decent, affordable maternity wear to be found here. Along with some very scary fashion.

French Connection

Lots of dodgy playsuits and printed leggings this season but I do love this bunny sweater.

Warehouse Outlet

Warehouse now has it's own outlet site with some very cheap stuff on it.

Great Plains

French Connection's older sister site - a bit more sensible and less flashy. Plenty of wearable things to be found.


Netaporter's sale site is expensive but worth a look for the occasional designer item.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

George at Asda

Well the price is certainly right but you need to be a big lover of acrylic to shop here.

Laura Ashley

Not terribly inspiring but good quality so worth checking out occasionally.


A decent selection of labels including the reasonably priced Red Herring Maternity, Rocha.John Rocha and J by Jasper Conran.

Sunday, 12 October 2008


Charming girly clothes from Jigsaw's sister company Kew.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Some very, very nice maternity and nursing bras including those from HOTmilk and Amoralia.


Ah, ubiquitous Boden. Ever popular with many mums. Don't get too seduced by their polka dots else you run the risk of being labeled a Boden drone.


If you're looking for yummy mummy staples then bob's yer uncle. Check out the really nice prints.


Ethical, reasonably priced fashion from Cornwall. All looks very comfy and playground friendly.


Lovely cashmere jumpers and cardigans along with the world's most expensive lavender bags (£22!) make Brora a joy to browse but be aware that it's all handwash or dry clean only.

Friday, 26 September 2008


The mother of all online shopping sites. Obviously not for everyone's budget but it's full to the brim with clothes that would cause serious fashion envy at the school gates.

White Stuff

A little too outdoorsy for me but I imagine White Stuff appeals to the rural mum who does the school run in a mud splattered 4X4 stuffed with wellies and dogs. Come to think of it, there's plenty of those in West London...


Expensive and a lot of their clothes look a bit... costume-y. I often wonder who their target market is - from the catalogue it looks like Eastern European women living in huts. But unrivaled for comfy, classy nightwear.


Peacocks wins the prize for the tackiest underwear around but don't let that put you off the very cheap, perfectly respectable maternity wear. There are also some really cute knits but they're all 100% acrylic *sigh*.

Fat Face

I've never shopped from Fat Face (perhaps it's the name that puts me off?) but they have some totally wearable clothes that look both attractive and comfortable. Ideal for romping around your local soft play area where your child invariably loses a sock in the ball pit.

New Look

New Look's "Gold by Giles" collection is probably the only way that most of us can ever get to wear Giles Deacon. Other than that New Look is good for cheap chic and some reasonable maternity wear.

Thursday, 25 September 2008


Well, you either like Monsoon or you really, really hate it. Depends how you feel about bold details, big prints and satin. You can easily end up looking a little bit... garish. But great if you fancy something decidedly feminine.

John Lewis

Recently revamped womenswear collection from J.Lewis has some wearable stuff but the site is sadly lacking in details - such as what the clothes are actually made of.


Cheap merino wool cardies and jumpers in some lovely and some dubious colours. Well worth a look if you're after some basics.